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"I was terrified of chemistry in school.  I wish I'd had something like this to explain it."

Julie C                             Memphis, TN                 

        "He really likes this character Bloop. 

      What a simple way to start chemistry"

      Deborah M                     Atlanta, GA       


      "She's learning the periodic table; 

       this program makes it fun and easy."

       Marie T                      San Jose, CA         

       What our parents are saying

I didn't know what to think when I heard.. chemistry in elementary? Things are really moving a lot faster, and I didn't want her to fall behind.

 I bought the program without a lot of expectation. 

Now my daughter who is eight years old, says she wants to be a chemist! 

This has really opened my eyes to how much she can do.

  I am glad I bought it and I am so proud of her!

Darlene  M                     Houston, TX

      What our parents are saying

An excellent program that can be used in elementary, middle and even high school! The program is a fun adventure that explains chemistry allowing

 advanced concepts to easily spiral.        


Claire G.    Educator   Toledo, OH

   What our parents are saying

I'm a physician and parent of three under 16. I'm a little busy!

I never write reviews, but something's are worth it, and this is one of them. The key to getting good grades in chemistry is "understanding" the periodic table. This little program does a great job at explaining it, without complicating it. It's worth more than its weight in goal.

A. Harris, MD             Evanston, IL